Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Muet ( siri 1)

MUET Paper 4 (writing) -Latest Format

Code : 800/4
Duration : 90 minutes

Basically this paper consists of two question.
Q 1 - We are going to be given specific stimuli, and based on that, write an essay or etc for at least 150
Q 2 - Given topic and write an essay or etc for at least 350 words.

Possible Genres??
  • Letter
  • Report
  • Essay
  • Article

So here it comes, the Past Year Papers..

Mid Year Papers

Q 1
Q 2
How to keep a diary?
Child Abuse-factors, examples, ways to overcome
Effects of dethronement on the behaviour of the first born
A report on effects of ‘Balik Kampung phenomenon’
Effects of television violence on children
Important elements for success in life
How stress affects performance?
Important qualities of good parents
Why coral reefs should be conserved
How to improve quality of sports in the country

End Year Papers

Q 1
Q 2
How one can have a good conservation with a stranger?
The most influential leader in the twentieth century
A good internet user
What makes our generation differs from that of our parents?
Good parent-child relationship
A report on mental health
Why non-verbal communication is important
A respond on a letter saying internet has more disadvantages than advantages
Preparing for interview
Effects of technology in our life
How mass media influence audience
Environment plays a major role in developing a person intelligence. Agree or disagree?

The 1999-2004 papers are not based on the latest format. The difference is only that for Question 2, information and stimuli is still given. e.g-points are given, we just need to elaborate it.

and from my observation, usually Q 1 can be from any genres stated above. But for Q 2, it usually comes as an article or essay. (so basic knowledge is important then..hmm)

Last but not least, don't forget our Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences, we still need to apply that..

credit to: SuTeRa MaYa

5 respons=):

sutera maya said...[Reply]

i'm really sorry, there's a bit of correction there (maaf, saya hanya dapat format lama, jd...)

here's the latest format,
Q1- given article, graph, chart or etc (sometimes there will be given two to three aricles) and we need to summmarize them (100 words, 1 paragraph)

Q2-argumentative essay

nampak macam Q2 pnya soalan agak susah for 2000-2004 sbb kita hanya dapat tajuk je, kalau tengok kertas soalan sebenar,Q2 2 bnyak dia dah bg points..(for 2000-2004)

so, mungkin boleh buat rujukan je sedikit sebanyak (utk siri 1 ni), lebih tumpukan pada MUET (siri 2) nt..^^

Anonymous said...[Reply]

wajib amek ka muet ni???
ada org ckp pkai spm bole da??
ditmbah pula dgn qaul yg mengatakan ept da cukup...

betoi ka???

2 anonymous said...[Reply]

hmm, wajib lah rasanya, i heard people say nowadays MUET is compulsory for degree program, but maybe it also depends on the university/college admin..
for UIA, definitely compulsory, coz a notice on ANR says that for MEDIC, DENT & PHARMACY stdnt, they must get at least band 4 for their MUET..

kalau dah ckp mcm 2..wajib amk lah kan?

p/s: kalau dah amk MUET tp x lepas EPT x leh msk main camp jugak kan..entahlah. haha, UIA, UIA..
such a pleasure 2 study here..

Anonymous said...[Reply]

p/s: kalau dah amk MUET tp x lepas EPT x leh msk main camp jugak kan

x lepas EPT???

sensitif tu...haha

2 anonymous said...[Reply]

erk, sensitif ke..?

I don't mean it..really.
I'm so sorry..